1. Take Photos

Use a 360° camera and take some panoramas.

2. Upload & Link

Upload the panoramas to PlinVR.
Link the scenes together with hotspots.

3. Share it!

Share your tour on social media. Embed in your site. Or send the link.

Latest Tours

  • Build Your VR Portfolio

    Absolutely free until you decide otherwise
    Display your work and create a stunning VR portfolio.
    Explore several 360° content for cool ideas
    Upload 3D rendered VR panoramic images
    No limits. Shoot, stitch, upload, sell.
    Decide who can see your virtual tours.
    Publish your tour only when it is ready.

  • Creating Virtual Tours is easy as ABC

    Build elegant, aesthetically pleasing and exceptionally beautiful virtual tours.
    Interactive admin end, Hotspots, Maps, Welcome Screens, Sounds and virtual tour guide...
    All you need to create awesome 360° portfolio.
    The most interactive and comprehensive virtual tour builder ever.
    PLINVR 360° tours will perfectly fit into any modern website.

  • Publish VR Panoramas

    Easily upload multiple 360° panoramas.
    We support JPEG and Equirectangular 3d rendered images
    Unlimited Storage
    Your panoramas are safely and securely stored in the cloud

  • Embed and share Virtual Tours

    Embed PLINVR panoramic tours on other websites or blogs.
    Customize embed appearance, create reusable interface layouts.
    PLINVR embeds work great both on mobile and desktop.
    Share your tours on social media with just one click

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